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Software & Web Solutions

At Micro Pro Computer LLC Applications Development, our industry leading products offer deep functionality and superior usability. After this all, we specialize in bringing powerful, insightful Accounting, Time & Attendance, HR & PAYROLL Solutions, with products for businesses in a wide range of industries, including both private and public companies, as well as non-profit and government organizations, our diverse line of products are the ideal solution for the ever-changing needs in today's marketplace.

Micro Pro Business Solutions

The MBS (Micro Pro Business Solutions) is a powerful Software solution for enterprise using Microsoft Technologies. The graphical design and drill down navigation make the MBS very easy to learn and use.

Since the program data is completely contained in a Relational Database Server Oracle or MS SQL Server, it interfaces well with other software.

The program can be easily customized to fit your specific business requirements. The MBS is expandable, flexible and provides the perfect cost solutions for small to mid size companies.

Web based TimeTrack

Web based TimeTrack Central suite addresses the total employee relationship with proven solutions for automating processes and optimizing performance. It is the most comprehensive management solution available from a single source.

It is designed for users by users, with a core of best-in-class time & attendance applications when combined with our innovative data collection devices and intuitive self-service applications, the Web based Time Track Central suite delivers value to the entire workforce and at every level of the organization.


  • → Integrated Modules
  • → Data can be uploaded to any Back Office Accounting software
  • → English and Arabic version
  • → Module level Security Control
  • → Easy User interface
  • → Multi-user LAN/WAN Support
  • → Ease of Use, Scalable Web Technology
  • → Customizable to suit your organization
  • → Automated Process and much more

Web designing

Our creative designing team is concentrating on the following while creating a website; Ease of navigation, User friendly interface, Suitable icons/images/pictures for the websites, clear format of content presentation, easy updating of graphics and content. Most important is to satisfy our clients with their requirements.

Web Programming

Our web development team specialized in promotional, content & e-commerce sites. Micro Pro Computer LLC develops Internet strategies for the digital business world - increasing revenue, improving customer loyalty, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow. Use the Internet to make these happen. End-to-end solutions for planning, developing, implementing and supporting your e-business strategy. Leverage the power of Internet coupled with high security, ease of access, low infrastructure requirements, short development cycle, scalability and high adaptability.

Document Management

We at Micro Pro Computer LLC understand that documents are a vital part of any organization that is often difficult to get your hands on exactly what you need in a timely manner. Document Management System is a powerful tool that we provide to help organize documents and retain them for ease of access. Using the state of the art technology, it integrates with the manual and automated business processes and applications to identify and store limitless business information that is easy to use and manage.