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Security Systems

SIRA Certified


Our very own Physical Security Solutions with its certified and highly qualified engineers that are well capable of meeting the customer business needs and well trained to perform the following tasks:

  • → Complete system design and implementation
  • → Value added engineering services
  • → Complete cabling documentation packages based on our customer survey

Surveillance System & Video access control

Micro Pro Computer LLC dedicated team is committed to provide solutions to your specific security needs. We will provide our customers with modular or fully integrated security systems including fire alarm, sophisticated day/night/ higher resolution cameras, convert hidden camera solutions, high speed 360 degree dome camera connected to IP network camera system which can be integrated with its back end business applications through technology development standards. Our technical engineers are well trained to design the CCTV installations, using the latest project management proven implementation methodology.


As multimedia represents a number of diverse technologies that allow visual and audio media to be combined in new ways for the purpose of communicating and to best convey your business message seamlessly and accurately, we provide and design our customers need with the most leading edge in technology available today (i.e. multimedia automated conference rooms, hotels, hospitals, government, etc..). This will enhance users experience and makes it easier and faster to grasp information as it was created using more than one medium.

Access Control System

An access control system has become a need of organization to protect and secure their business assets and information. This includes personnel and visitors access to highly secured zones. We comprehend these needs with our highly professional security team who design, supply, install and furnish with end-to-end access control security systems. This can be a part of the organizations IT Infrastructure for a centralized and enhanced manageability thus providing a means of seamless technology integration. Our solutions comprises of indoors-outdoors control, scanners, in-out logging control and productive reports which can suit your business operation smoothly.